3 Must-Have Home Devices for the Holidays

By now, you’re solidifying holiday plans and discussing who is preparing which meals for Thanksgiving and other upcoming holidays. You might have friends and family from out of town staying with you for a few days (or weeks), and if so, you might still be deciding how to make the season as smooth as possible.

Technology has come a long way to increase convenience and ease stress for people in all stages of life. Here are our top three recommended devices for your home to help you prepare for the holidays as best as possible.


1. Automated TV Controls

With multiple TVs with multiple controllers each, automated TV controls offer easy integration and use for you and your guests. No longer will you have to explain to guests the ten-step process of tuning into their favorite channels. Simply offer them a single remote (or use an app on your smartphone) that will control all of your devices associated with the TV.


2. Thermostat Controls

You know as well as we do how frustrating it can be to have to turn the air up and down every hour or so depending on how many people are in the home at any given time. Not to mention when you’re trying to satisfy family members that are always cold or always hot.

Make your job easier with thermostat controls operated through an app on your smartphone. An added bonus: you can adjust the thermostat while you’re away from your home, setting the system to energy-efficient temperatures while you’re gone and back to your desired temperatures when you’re headed back.


3. Home Security and Surveillance

Ensure the maximum safety for your guests and your home during the holidays. With smart technology installed in your home, including automated door locks, fire alarm systems, surveillance and other functions such as lighting and shading control, you can rest assured everyone and everything is safe and sound.

Through the same app on your smartphone as detailed above, you can view the activity history to see who is coming and going into your home, who last accessed the doors of your home and when.

Did we mention that this smart feature also takes away the hassle of hunting for your keys every time you come home?


If you’re ready to integrate one or more of these smart features into your home to best prepare for the holidays this year, schedule your free appointment today!

We’d love to discuss how we could assist your holiday planning process.