3 Spooky Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Halloween!

Spooky season is just around the corner! Trick-or-treaters will remember the house with the spookiest music and sounds, the flickering and mysterious lights, and of course, the best candy.

Here are 3 ways to use whole home audio to get your house to the spookiest state it’s ever been:

Dim the lights or give a flickering effect with automated lighting control: Hosting a Halloween party? Dim the lights from your phone to give a dingy, Halloween feel to your spooky party ambiance. You can also scare your friends and family by randomly flickering the lights from your Smartphone!

Have chilling music and sounds playing in every room of your home: Play Halloween tunes in the yard with outside audio systems. The music will be heard by neighbors and trick-or-treaters, making the night that much spookier. You can control your music right from your Smartphone or tablet.

Have Halloween visuals and videos playing on a TV in every room with an automated TV control system: Control each TV from your smart device, and set the tone for the night, providing your guests with quality Halloween entertainment in every room.

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