6 Technology Updates Every Business Needs

It’s important for businesses to stay up to date with technology advances and trends in order to maintain a professional appearance for clients and customers. We’ve compiled a list of 2017 trends that will not only help your company’s appearance, but will also improve functionality and productivity in the workplace.


Above all else, businesses need to ensure the safety of their employees, building and data. With advanced and smart security systems, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take extra precaution with automated security technology. Updating your system will also allow business owners to lock and unlock doors and turn on and off security alarms from a smartphone app, smart watch and/or wall-mounted keypad.

Video Conferencing

The days of spending more time in traffic than at an in-person meeting with a client are coming to a halt as video conferencing takes over the business world. Traditional audio conferencing is an alternative as well, but studies have shown that video conferencing keeps meeting attendees more on task and less distracted. Read these video conferencing stats from Lifesize:

Presentation Equipment

Whether your business takes part in presentations mostly for employee training, acquiring new clients or for internal communications and status report meetings, the equipment used can shape the overall atmosphere and the effectiveness of the meeting. Some technology to consider in your conference/meeting rooms include:

  • Projectors and adjustable screens
  • Smart TVs
  • Sound equipment complete with speakers and possibly a microphone
  • Sound-masking or noise cancellation systems
Automated Controls

Any business can stand out and provide a more professional appearance with the right business updates. Automating various types of technology is just one way to do so. For example, automated TV controls can help you quickly and easily change the channel or increase/decrease the volume per a client/customer’s request. Automating shades can enhance a meeting experience, dimming the light in the room for the presentation, and brightening the room back up afterwards to continue the meeting. Thermostat controls and automated lighting can not only increase the efficiency of a business, but it can also reduce costs on heating and electricity when owners check from a smartphone that all the lights are turned off when the last person leaves and that the thermostat remains at an efficient level.

Smart thermostats can save customers roughly 23 percent on their combined heating and cooling costs. – Ecobee

Welcoming Lobbies

As a business, you want to make a great first impression to potential and current clients from the moment they walk into your doors. Whether they are waiting in a lobby with televisions for entertainment, or standing and waiting to meet with someone while listening to soft audio playing throughout the common areas, there are television installations and whole home audio, which your business should have in place to make sure your clients feel welcomed and taken care of.

Overhead Paging Systems

Overhead paging systems can improve the efficiency in any company, especially those with warehouses where staff might be farther away from a telephone. Depending on the business layout and type, customers might be better reached and served through overhead paging systems as well.


If your business could benefit from any one of these updates/trends, let us know!

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