At AV Solutions, We Are Here for You

AV Solutions is so grateful to hear feedback from our clients because it motivates us even more to continue providing quality services. We do nothing short of our best work, and we want to ensure every customer an excellent and stress-free experience with us.

Check out a review from one of our customers:

“Exceptional customer service from initial email contact through completion of project.

Technician was very skilled and could communicate with us so we could better understand the workings of our system. To their credit, they came in behind the original (professional) installer of our system (our builder’s recommendation), corrected their mistakes and enhanced system capability and performance.

We already plan to have them come back for upgrades in the near future. This company puts the “big box” stores, including Best Buy, and their so-called “service” to shame. Anyone who goes to the “big box” stores for product and service is uninformed. They also out performed some of our local professionals, including price competitiveness.”

~Madeira Beach

Thank you, Madeira, for this honest and detailed review of our services. We are grateful for the ability to provide the very best for our customers.

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