Be Stress-Free with Home Automation

Being a homeowner is wonderful in so many ways, but keeping up with everything around the house like appliances and gadgets can be stressful. Have you ever left the house wondering if you forgot to turn off the lights? What about realizing you forgot to adjust the thermostat before you left for vacation?

Let your worries be a thing of the past. At AV Solutions we have the latest technology in home automation to help you live a stress-free life and enjoy your home to the fullest.

Learn more about our solutions:

Automated Lighting – Minimize your electricity bill and usage by installing sensors that tell when an area is not occupied and shuts lights off automatically. Also, control your lights directly from your phone.

Shading Control­­­ – Enjoy security and privacy with automated blinds. You can even save on utilities by setting your blinds to open or close according to seasons, regulating cold and heat transmission through windows.

Automated TV – Integrate your TVs throughout your house into a single system, eliminating the need for many TV controllers.

Thermostat Control – Adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere you have access to the Internet, a smartphone or a tablet. You can turn the thermostat on and off at times you select.

Automated Door Locks – This feature allows you to lock and unlock your house door using your Smartphone so you can enjoy security and peace of mind.

Home Security and Surveillance – Our staff can install this easy-to-use system that effectively monitors and reports suspicious activity. No matter if you are at or away from home, you can command the system by using your cell phone, console or traditional alarm wall pad.

Make your life a little bit easier, and contact us to get started on your own home automation project!