Choosing Whole Home Audio

The onset of spring brings new life and energy into the home after all the winter blues wash away. Homeowners begin planning and hosting fun events for their family and friends, and they start looking for new ways to update their homes to better enjoy the season. Whole home audio is one great way to update your home in preparation for hosting spring and summer parties. This feature of the home allows residents to play music and radio broadcasts over nearly invisible speakers installed in various rooms. When choosing whole home audio systems, consider the following features:


Decide how many rooms you want to be able to play music in, including any outside areas such as the back patio and poolside. Consider the rooms with the most traffic and where you enjoy entertaining guests.


Speaker brand and quality are very important to take into account, but almost just as important is the number of speakers installed in each room. It is often recommended to have two speakers in each room and one in small bathrooms or in hallways, but depending on the room size and location of the speakers (i.e., outside), more speakers may be recommended for the best sound quality.


Whole home audio can be easily controlled in a few different ways: straight for the source equipment, from a wall-mounted keypad or from an app on a smartphone. From any of these devices, you can adjust the volume, decide which rooms music plays in, choose what devices the system is connected to and more.

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These systems make for a great addition to any party or event. If you’re interested in learning more or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment to discuss the installation of a system in your home, contact us.