What Are Corporate AV Systems?

These are different strategies and technologies that can enhance your business.

How so? Through:

  • Company-wide audio
  • Overhead paging systems
  • Digital, satellite or internet radio
  • Sound masking or noise cancellation systems
  • Video conferencing and chat
  • Presentation Equipment

Look no further than AV Solutions to help you control the technology for your company. 

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Is My Business a Good Candidate for AV Systems?

If you’re looking for any upgrades in the office, from a single television needing to be mounted on a wall with no visible wires, to creating overhead paging systems throughout the office and everything in between, then AV Solutions is the way to go! All you have to do is name your business need.

Once we know what you are looking for, we can design the layout, get all the necessary equipment ready, and professionally install the technology. Let us do the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about configuring multiple systems and hoping they work in every room of the building.


Why Bother Upgrading?

Other than the equipment increasing productivity and functionality for your employees, AV Solutions’ services can make your business more welcoming to customers and clients. Raising the bar in your company with technology will improve your visual appeal as well as your company’s productivity and capabilities.

  • Conference Rooms

    Why You Need a Theater in Your Business

    While some may think a home theater is a luxury, others argue that the technology used in home theater installations has an important place in a business.

    The following are ways that audio visual equipment can help your business:

    1. Employee Training 

    With AV systems in conference rooms, new employees can better receive safety training, job training and new employee orientation from videos you produce yourself or buy from industry training leaders.

    2. In-Office Sales Presentations

    With state-of-the-art audio visual equipment in the conference room of your sales and marketing team, your business can present in house.

    3. Customer/Client Engagement 

    From a small hardware store to a prosperous large investment firm, opportunities for customer engagement can be greatly improved.

    If you’re interested in having audio visual systems installed in your business’ conference rooms, contact us to schedule an appointment today!

  • Lobbies

    Educate. Inform. Entertain. 

    Remember as a kid when walked into a store with your parents saw yourself on the television screen as you walked into a store? You were mesmerized by the image of you and your family on the lobby security camera screen.

    Businesses can now use the same point of entry as a means to educate, inform and entertain clients, patients or customers.

    AV Solutions of Atlanta is the go-to vendor for high-end home theaters, audio systems and home automation. Many of our homeowner clients are business owners who have asked us to work at their business locations and install commercial grade lobby Audio and Video (AV) systems.

    Why Add AV Systems to Your Lobby?

    Businesses of all types have found that lobby AV is beneficial to their business in these ways:

    1. To Greet and Inform Customers 

    Unless you are Walmart, chances are you don’t have someone by the front door greeting your customers. With a commercial grade lobby audio and video setup, you can not only greet customers as they come in, but you can let them know about special store events, sales or other business-related activities.

    2. To Entertain and Educate Patients or Customers 

    What do a tire shop and a doctor’s office have in common? Waiting rooms! Doctors and dentists report that when waiting rooms are fitted with good AV systems patients are more at ease – especially kids. Many health professionals also say that they use their audio-visual equipment as a way to teach patients about managing chronic diseases, and to provide general health tips in an engaging and informative way. Retail locations find that waiting rooms and customer lounges with AV systems make waits appear shorter and reduce customer dissatisfaction.

    Contact us and schedule an appointment to set up an AV system in your business lobby.