Everything you Need to Know about Home Theaters

When considering a home theater installation, there are a lot of factors, components and trends to take into account before starting the decision-making process. Fortunately, we are your go-to source for information and advice on home theaters! Following are the basics of everything you need to know about home theaters, but if you have any additional questions and/or are ready to plan your project, schedule your free consultation now!

Analyze the room potential.

Do you have a natural ambiance, or will there be necessary lighting installations? Do you have carpet or hardwood floors? (Carpet can absorb unwanted sound reflections.) How much space do you have to work with, from the screen size to the distance of the seating to the screen, etc.?

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Choose a TV or projector.

Style, size, quality and resolution are all features to take into account when choosing a TV. Currently trending are 4K TVs, or ultra high definition TVs that offer unmatched picture resolution. More common in home theaters, however, is the use of projectors and screens to allow for a larger screen with the same great quality.

Select your sources.

Determine if you will be watching movies and shows on a cable box, gaming console, DVD player, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Roku, etc. All of these devices can be synced properly and professionally during the installation process.

Determine how you want to hear.

The layout of your home theater will establish if your best sound solution will be a sound bar or various speakers throughout the room with subwoofers. Sound bars are very popular and offer great, high-quality sound.

Protect your system.

Whether by surge protectors or line conditioners, you will never regret installing a way to protect your home theater system in case of power outages.

Decide how you want to control your home theater.

There are various options to consider in controlling your system, from traditional remote controllers to smartphone apps and/or wall-mounted keypads.

Get comfortable.

Make the finishing touches to your home theater with lighting fixtures for ambiance and theater seating to accommodate all tastes (reclining, sitting up straight, etc.).


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