The Gifts She Really Wants

What are some of your mother’s favorite things? If we can make a guess, she probably enjoys relaxing, having photos of memories with loved ones displayed and listening to music. How are we doing so far?


As mother day nears, make sure you’re prepared to make the moms in your life feel special and appreciated. This year, instead of buying flowers and chocolates that last at max one week, give her the gift of AV Solutions. Here’s a few ways of how to do just that:



Various Outdoor Installations.

Having a TV installed outside on the back patio allows her to relax while enjoying the sunshine, nature and a little alone time. There’s also other ideas for outside audio and video solutions >



Digital Photo Displays.

Whether staying outside or taking mom inside, her favorite photos can be
placed on an endless loop on various pieces of technology, including TVs. Installing a smart TV will even allow you to use mobile devices and keypads to display specific screens, photos and videos on the TV. Learn more about automating TV controls >



Whole Home Audio.

For when she just wants to lay back and enjoy her favorite music, there’s whole home audio. Available in any room of the home, even outside, mom can listen to music in the living room, bedroom or out by the pool. Read on >




Whichever way you think best, be sure to treat the moms in your life to lasting gifts that show your love and appreciation for them. Connect with us and discover the gift of AV Solutions.