Give the Gift of Comfort this Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and at AV Solutions, we have fun and exciting home automation tools that will be a wonderful gift for your home and your loved ones. Gift your family the opportunity to create fantastic holiday memories with the latest technology.

Our home automation solutions connect different items in your home, used for everyday comfort, such as lights, window shades, TV, thermostat and home surveillance. Supported by the latest technology, you will be able to adjust the temperature in your house easily, lock your doors, check your cameras and so much more from just one device. 

Our home theater solutions will take your movie nights to the next level with crystal-clear images, concert-quality sound and comfortable seating.

Our whole home audio systems will provide you with high-quality sound in any room of your home. Supported by a Wifi connection, these systems have great benefits:

  • Have music in every room of your home
  • Enjoy audio systems outside as well
  • Wireless connection
  • Nearly invisible speakers for enhanced visual appeal
  • Control your audio systems with a wall-mounted keypad or your smartphone


Ready to surprise your family with the gift of comfort? Contact us to make an appointment today.