Give Your TV Room a Much Needed Upgrade!

Having a dedicated TV room in your home is a great way to bring your family together for a good time while creating wonderful memories.

At AV Solutions, we can help you take your entertainment room to the next level by upgrading it to a home theater. From design to installation our experts can support you, ensuring to use only the best products in the market.

We will provide the equipment that best fits your home’s needs, including space, connectivity, room acoustics, and room use.

What Can You Expect from Your New Home theater?
Outside of not having to leave the comfort of home, stand in line and wait for a specific movie time, with your own home theater, you and your family will be able to:

  • Enjoy the best visual quality with crystal clear images and concert quality sound
  • Be comfortable in our own, customized space, with seating arrangements that fit your needs
  • Create the best ambiance for each movie or event thanks to adjustable lighting

To get started on your new home theater, contact our experts at AV Solutions for a consultation. Call 678-648-1603 or email