Home Automation for the Holidays

Hosting guests at your home should never be a stressful activity. At AV Solutions, we understand that great company and entertainment go hand in hand. With our home automation solutions, your home will be the place to be for the holidays.


Access the following features in your home with just one control:


Automated Lighting: Manage the lights in your home from any place in the house. With automated lighting controls, you can set your lights to turn on and off according to your preferred schedule and enjoy the savings in your utility bill.

Shading Control: Raise and lower the blinds throughout your home from a central spot, inside or outside of your home.

Automated TV Controls: Integrate your TVs into a single system, eliminating the need for several controllers.

Thermostat Control: Pre-set the temperature of your home to your liking by raising or lowering the temperature about a half hour before you come home.

Automated Door Locks: Unlock your door from your mobile device and give access to visitors with one-time-use codes.

Home Security and Surveillance: Access your home security system form your mobile device.



Call (678) 648-1603 for a consultation with our experts at AV Solutions, and enjoy the benefits of home automation.