Is a Smart Home the Smart Move for You?

For the days where you feel like you’re lucky enough to make it out the door on time, there’s smart home technology to help you with the rest. Between checking that you turned off all the lights in the house, forgetting to correct the thermostat before you leave, wondering if you locked the doors on your way out, and then backing up on the street to make sure you in fact closed the garage door, there’s a lot of tedious steps involved in leaving the house.

When you are on a tight schedule, or have to worry about getting others ready to leave as well, these minute details can easily slip from your mind.


If you’re wondering if a smart home is the right move for you, answer the following questions.


_____  As soon as I leave the house, I question if I closed the garage door.

_____  There’s too many light switches in the house to keep track of.

_____  It’s time consuming to sync all of the thermostats in my home.

_____  I have multiple remote controls, and I’m not sure what they are all used for.

_____  I would like to lower my electricity bill.

_____  It can be difficult to watch over all the kids and pets at once.

_____  There’s wires in my home that I want hidden.

_____  I don’t like having to move all the shades throughout the day to work around the sun.  

_____  I want the best security for my family.

_____  My kids get home before me, and I want them to feel welcomed when they arrive.


If you find that most answers are true, installing a smart home system could be right for you. With smart home services from AV Solutions such as having control of lighting, TVs, and thermostats, as well as security systems including surveillance and smart locks, we can get rid of all the little hassles in your home and help you get on your way faster.

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