Make Your Own Luck this Party Season

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations make up one of the busiest party weekends of the year. If it’s your turn to host in 2019, it’s time to look at how your home can entertain on its own merit before spending loads of money on decorations that won’t keep for next year. Party expenses should be just as much of a financial investment as renovations. You’ll save a lot of money over the years with a smarter home.


Picture this: green and gold lighting across the room bouncing to the beat of your favorite jig as people follow the music from one room to the next without stopping. Feature your favorite leprechaun movies in the home theater room. And continue the party outside with the same level of entertainment when the weather permits. Now, your house hosts the party just as much as you do.


Get any and all of these features with services from AV Solutions:



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