The Mother’s Day of Her Dreams

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to let her relax the way she’s always dreamed. Whether installed by the pool, around the house or out on the back deck, there are a number of home automation features that will send Mom into a state of peace and relaxation.

Automated Lighting and Shading

Give Mom a night to herself with a spa night complete with the perfect mood lighting and shading control. With the touch of a button, she can dim the lights, close the blinds and indulge with her favorite book, TV show and sweet treats.

Automated TV Controls

She runs around enough every day. With automated TV controls, Mom has the ability to kick back and relax inside or outside with her favorite beverage and TV show without the hassle of multiple controllers for different functions.

Whole Home Audio

The installation of wireless, nearly invisible speakers throughout the home and even outdoors allows Mom to enjoy music anywhere in the home. Offer her the luxury of listening to her favorite playlist in her favorite room while enjoying a day celebrating who she is and what she does for your family.

Home Security and Automated Door Locks

Believe it or not, nothing says peace and relaxation to a mother like knowing her family and home are safe at all times. With home automation features for security and surveillance, doors can be locked with the touch of a button on a smartphone app, alarms can be set and camera surveillance can be monitored.

No matter if the moms in your life prefer the more practical gifts such as safety and security or if they desire a day to themselves with a relaxing spa day, home automation offers many features to give anyone the Mother’s Day of her dreams.

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