Outdo the Outdated Office

The kids are out of school enjoying the summer, and employees are heading out for beach vacations, taking in the beautiful outdoors. Why not take advantage of this season that often has slower foot traffic and more employees, customers and clients out of the office by getting around to some of the much-needed updates around the office?

Give a warm welcome.

First impressions in the office begin when guests walk through the door. With a few technology updates, you can revamp any outdated lobby and inefficient arrival process. Consider having televisions and sound systems installed in your lobby to better greet and entertain any guests. And with an overhead paging system installed in the office, receptionists can easily notify any employee in the office of new arrivals from anywhere in the building.

Did you know? 94 percent of businesses that have implemented smart devices in the office have already seen a return on their investments (CSG).

Put your best foot forward.

Start off strong with potential employees, customers and clients when you set them up in a newly updated conference room, complete with high-quality projectors and adjustable screens, smart TVs and nearly invisible sound equipment. With automated devices synced as well, you can easily close blinds, dim the lights and flip through your presentation with the touch of a button.

With an expected 50 billion Internet-connected devices by the year 2020 (Cisco Systems), the ways of the old, traditional lobby and presentation equipment are in the past. Make sure your company doesn’t get left behind in this era of smart technology with the design and installation expertise from AV Solutions. Learn more about our Corporate AV solutions here.

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