You Pop the Popcorn; We’ll Take Care of the Rest


At the end of a long workday, we know the only thing on your mind is food and relaxing with some television. That’s why we want to make your nightly routine so much better and easier by installing equipment in your media room or home theater that is sure to help you relax and enjoy the evening.


When we start a project with you, we can offer:
  • Crystal clear images on your screen or through your projector
  • Concert quality sound surrounding the room
  • Comfort like no other with plush theater seating
  • Any ambiance you want to create through lighting features
  • Easy access to changing the channel, dimming the lights or controlling the sound by syncing the controls to an app on your smartphone or a wall-mounted keypad


Read more about our services, and check out our latest projects. You can even start an ideabook based on our projects for yours on Houzz.

Let the hardest part of your night be choosing the right show or movie to watch.

You pop the popcorn, and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Contact us for an appointment.