Prepare for Fall with the Arrival of Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! This holiday reminds us that summer is coming to an end, and fall is right around the corner! I think we could all use a little change in scenery and temperature after this hot summer!

While you prepare your home for fall in various ways (i.e. changing out decorations, planning for the upcoming holidays, etc.), why not also consider installing or updating your home theater to better entertain and enjoy relaxing with friends and family?

“Why not just go to the movies?”

Sure, the outing can be a fun experience, but there are many reasons a home theater is a better solution and gathering than heading to the movie theater. For instance, you can enjoy the comfort of your own home, with only the people you invite (A.K.A. no unwanted babies crying, teens talking and distracting you, etc.). You can pause and/or replay as often as needed for restroom breaks and drink and popcorn refills. And your variety of movie-playing options is much larger than the handful of movies that play in the theater at any given time.


There is a lot of mention on the Internet about DIY Home Theaters, but there’s truly no comparison to leaving it to the professionals to do the labor for you. When you choose to have experts install your home theater, you will ensure the following:

  • Wires are secure, safe, clean and hidden to look professional.
  • All devices associated (Roku, Apple TVs, cable boxes, DVD players, etc.) are properly synced to your home theater setup.
  • Audio and display match and are crisp, clean and of the highest quality.
  • Every detail will come together to form the perfect ambiance in your home theater, from the lighting to the plush theater seating and more.
  • And other great benefits »


View our gallery to see some of our recent home theater masterpieces »

So don’t labor over the idea of a DIY home theater; trust AV Solutions to provide an unmatched experience for you and your guests this fall!

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