Electric & Motorized Blinds Benefits

1. Blinds are accessed easily. 

Gain the ease of raising and lowering blinds in your home from a central location, whether you’re home in Atlanta or not. 

2. Obtain more security with electric and motorized blinds. 

Intelligent electric and motorized blinds are a great tool. Automatically set window coverings to close when the Atlanta sky gets dark or at a pre-selected time. This can also give the appearance that your home is being occupied, which is an extra deterrent to possible intruders.

3. Save on utility costs. 

Set blinds to open or close based on the season. In the hot, Atlanta summer, pre-set blinds to block sunlight from adding heat inside your home. Electric and motorized blinds can open as the sun moves during the day. In the cool, Atlanta winter, automated shades open window coverings to allow sunlight in and heat your home more, closing them as the sun disappears.

Regulate window cold and heat transmission and save significantly on utility bills. Electric and motorized blinds reduce interior temperatures by approximately 20 degrees on a warm, Atlanta day.

4. Take advantage of more privacy with electric and motorized blinds. 

Close window shades with the touch of a button when you want some privacy from the lively Atlanta scene. Automated shades can be used on most coverings, including:

– Regular Venetian blinds
– Shutters
– Shades
– Vertical blinds

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