Why Use Home Door Lock Automation?

Home door lock automation is popular in metro Atlanta for those with home automation systems. AV Solutions of Atlanta has a wide array of the best door lock automation equipment available. We offer customers what they want – easy-to-use high-quality technology.

Two main reasons homeowners install home door lock automation are peace of mind and security. We learned from our clients in Atlanta, though, that there about five other reasons to take advantage of this new system: 

1. Atlanta homeowners can lock and unlock doors anywhere, any time.

Instead of running late and heading back to the house when you realize you forgot to lock the doors, whip out a smartphone or connected device, and one simple button touch will do the trick. This convenience is priceless and the benefit cannot be overstated!

2. Make keys obsolete with home door lock automation.

Many automated locking systems have touch screens or keypads with a unique code to open or lock doors, so you never have to hunt for keys again.

3. Know who comes in and leaves the home.

Want to know when your kids got home? Check activity history on your system to see when they last accessed the door. You can also set up text alerts to stay up-to-date on those coming or going.

4. Provide one-time-use codes with home door lock automation.

Give visitors (think Atlanta delivery guys, too) a single-use code for unlocking the door when you’re not home.

5. Security with the touch of a button.

Don’t check every door to ensure they are secure anymore. Instead, use a smartphone or other connected device to lock them all. If a door is open, you will receive a signal detailing which door needs attention.

Ensure home security and peace of mind in Atlanta with home door lock automation.

Contact us to set up your home door lock automation system in Atlanta.