Remember looking at the Atlanta sky at night through a telescope and the breath-taking experience of viewing the stars and planets on a crystal clear night? Those of us lucky enough to go to a planetarium or to an Atlanta school with one have experienced the clarity and closeness of the sky via a powerful and sharp telescope.

The experience is similar when watching the Atlanta Falcons play football on a large, high-definition TV and then watching that same Atlanta Falcons game in a home theater. For a moment, you’re not watching the video, rather you’re right there at the Atlanta Falcons game.

Plan with AV Solutions’ Home Theater Consulting Team

You have choices to make as an Atlanta homeowner. You could purchase a DIY box home theater from an electronics store, or you could obtain a home theater that is custom designed, taking into account your preferences on how pictures should look, as well as how music and background noises sound. Especially if you use AV Solutions of Atlanta’s home theater consulting team, your home theater will reflect everything you want to highlight in your home, from style to equipment.

Home theaters in a box disappoint the majority of the time, as they are designed to attract the middle of the market, the “average” Atlanta consumer. But when you hire a home theater consulting team like AV Solutions of Atlanta, you receive a professionally designed home theater. AV Solutions’ expert home theater consulting on components that work well together and various desired manufacturers will complete your Atlanta home theater. AV Solutions of Atlanta’s home theater consulting team works wonders as they begin with you – your needs and wants. The home theater consulting team discovers your listening and viewing preferences and the main focus in your home theater – audio or video. Dimensions of the room are important too, as walls, ceilings and floors play a part in acoustics. All of these topics and more will be discussed with you work with our home theater consulting team.

AV Solutions of Atlanta’s experienced home theater consulting team selects the components for your home theater and any important accessories, such as home theater lighting and home theater seating and furniture.

If you are lucky enough to live in a part of Atlanta with restored Art Deco theaters of the 1950s, you know the importance of ambiance in movies and concerts. Though AV Solutions can’t promise an affordable genuine 1950 Art Deco theater from Atlanta, we can work to replicate one for you.

Schedule a consultation with AV Solutions, and see what our home theater consulting team can do with your Atlanta home theater.