AV Solutions’ Home Theater Lighting Solutions

AV Solutions began in 1996 as a family-owned business that has become the best place for designing, purchasing and arranging installations for homeowners in the metro Atlanta area. That’s why we know the finishing touch for your home theater is lighting. For the best lighting in Atlanta home theaters, you should have a mixture of ambient and accent lights. Combining the two offers more than just a beautiful room; exquisite home theater lighting maximizes viewing, strains the eye less and allows for easy mobility when the movie ends. 

Home Theater Lighting Suggestions

  • Ambiance Lighting

The AV Solutions of Atlanta home theater design team specifies recessed fixtures on dimmer switches, creating an ambience that we recommend for clients. Many call this lighting “cans.” Ambiance lighting can give off a soft glow that will not interfere with viewing, while providing home theater occupants ample light to find popcorn without spilling drinks. On the other hand, when desired, can lighting in home theaters can brighten rooms as if the sun has risen inside. 

  • General Lighting

For work and to highlight art pieces or other treasures, AV Solutions of Atlanta suggests track lighting. This style of home theater lighting is very flexible and can provide task lighting and accent lighting, or ambient lighting.

Lamps are also exposed on a ceiling-hung track, permitting individual fixtures to swivel, rotate and move so you can aim an individual fixture or group of fixtures in any direction on the track.

Other home theater lighting includes floor strip lighting, task lighting adjacent to seating and wall sconces.

Home Theater Lighting Controls

Lighting controls in Atlanta home theaters can be wall mounted or remote control directed so you can have a lighting plan design with many uses and pleasing to the eye. Touch a single button and Atlanta homeowners can set the lighting level to suit the activity in your home theater.

Design the best home theater lighting solutions in the metro Atlanta area with AV Solutions’ help. 

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