Should You Automate TV Controls?

There are a many reasons to have TV automation and integration in Atlanta homes, but the biggest reason is to worry about only one controller to access all components of the TV-watching experiences. How many controllers total do you have in your home in Atlanta? Think about every TV in the house!

AV Solutions of Atlanta can complete TV automation and integration in your home, integrating all TVs into one single system and eliminating many unnecessary and unwanted controllers.

What TV Automation and Integration Does

Another term used in home automation describing home TV automation and integration is distributed video. The purpose of this is to allow a single video connection (cable, satellite receiver, Blu-ray player, etc.) to be shared between all television sets that are connected to a video switch.

One feature of TV automation and integration is reduced equipment costs for video source. The two most common options for obtaining video from the source to each TV are HDMI cables or HDBase T technology. The benefit of HD Base T Technology is a single cable sends video to a TV and controls the set’s functionality by using Ethernet cabling. 

Control TV Automation and Integration in Many Ways

A popular way to control TV systems in Atlanta is by using IR signals. This line-of-site technology might mean you will need IR repeaters. Nevertheless, all options can be discussed with AV Solutions of Atlanta’s design and installation team.

Contact AV Solutions of Atlanta to schedule a consultation and see how automating TV controls can benefit you.