Why Automate Lights?

AV Solutions has become the go-to resource for automating homes and companies in metro Atlanta. Our certified home automation team is a huge fan of lighting controls as they offer solutions in security, lower electric bills, and easy use.

Benefits of Lighting Control

1. Reduce electric utility expenses.

In the average American home, lighting makes up roughly 10 percent of utility costs, amounting to nearly $200 annually. Businesses use much more lighting than homes – the average cost for lighting runs at about 39 percent.

2. Stop worrying about turning off your lights. 

The most inexpensive way to reduce lighting costs in Atlanta is to turn off lights when not needed. As humans, though, it’s common for us to forget to do so. That’s where home automation lighting controls comes in to play. Sensors know when an area is unoccupied and can shut lights off automatically. 

3. Create room ambience.

When you and your partner enjoy a romantic dinner at a restaurant in downtown Atlanta, you want the mood to continue at home. With lighting control in your home, you can change the lighting with your smartphone to create a romantic ambience when you arrive home from Atlanta.

Atlanta restaurants, lounges and other related businesses can also use home automation lighting controls to change ambience ranging from party atmospheres to intimate romantic settings. Atlanta business owners can even decide to dramatize lighting for team spirit with team colors, also controlled from one remote or smartphone app.

4. Enhance security with lighting controls.

Automated home lighting increases security by allowing owners to program an “away” lighting. This turns lights on and off randomly to appear as though a home or business is occupied. In addition, homeowners and business owners can turn on security lights or interior lighting while off the premises with a smartphone application.

AV Solutions can assist in finding the best solutions for home automation lighting controls in Atlanta homes and businesses.

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