Entertain. Inform. Educate. 

Remember when you used to walk into an Atlanta store with your parents as a kid and saw yourself on TV screens? You were mesmerized by the notion of you and family members on the lobby security cameras.

Atlanta businesses can use similar technology through a lobby TV installation as a means to entertain, inform and educate clients, patients or customers.

AV Solutions is the go-to vendor for high-end audio systems, home theaters and home automation in the metro Atlanta area. Many of our clients are Atlanta business owners and have asked us to complete commercial grade lobby TV installations in their businesses.

Why Add a Lobby TV Installation?

Atlanta businesses in all industries find that a lobby TV installation is beneficial to business in these ways:

1. Welcome and inform customers.

Chances are you don’t have a greeter by the front door of your business. With a commercial grade lobby TV installation, Atlanta businesses can greet customers as they enter and let them know about store specials, sales or other business-related activities.

2. Entertain and educate clients or patients. 

Doctors and dentists report that if waiting rooms are fitted with good AV systems, patients are more at ease, especially children. Health professionals also state that a lobby TV installation allows them to teach patients about managing chronic diseases and offer health tips in engaging and informative ways. Retail locations discover more satisfied customers that don’t notice the wait when waiting rooms and customer lounges have AV systems installed.

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