Any Time. Any Where. 

Wireless technology has been developed to allow a multi-room home audio system installation to be customized. With this technology, you can play Pandora in the dining room, recorded music in the living room, and Spotify at the pool.

Multi-Room Home Audio Installation Benefits:

1. No more alarm clock.

Never wake up to the horrible buzzing sound of a traditional alarm clock again. Many Atlanta residents use smartphones anyways to wake us up now, but still, the available ring tones on most phones are about as annoying as those on the standard alarm.

Instead, imagine waking up to the sounds of music you adore with a multi-room home audio system installation. Your day will seem brighter, along with your mood, propelling you through the day and the lively Atlanta scene. 

2. Be prepared to host Atlanta sports-watching parties with a multi-room home audio system installation.

The snacks are out, the cooler is stocked and pitchers of margaritas are ready for sharing. Absolutely nothing is left to chance when you use a multi-room home audio installation system to select the perfect playlists for every room, including outdoors where the party will be and the media room where the Atlanta Falcons will be playing. Atlanta homeowners can select a single playlist from your smartphone, home automation control or tablet.

3. Listen to music on your terms with a multi-room home audio system installation.

Atlanta clients are typically opting to make home theaters serve two functions:

– As a dedicated listening room.
– As a home automation audio-video event room.

Contact us to start your journey to complete music freedom in Atlanta with a multi-room home audio system installation.