Set the Mood at Home

In case you haven’t started planning yet, here’s your friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is on the way! What is your romantic evening with your significant other going to look like? Will it be a night out on the town getting dinner, walking around the park and coming back home for a sappy romantic comedy? Or are you keeping the night simple yet elegant with the perfect dinner and a movie combo at home?

Whatever your plans are, home automation can help the evening flow seamlessly in a number of ways:

Create an ambiance with light dimmers.

Installing light dimmers at home can help you create the perfect ambiance when the time is right. Transitioning from full lighting while you’re cooking dinner to dimmed lights when the meal is prepared can be easier than ever with automated lighting and your smartphone app.


Enjoy more privacy with automated shades.

Another feature of smart technology includes automated shades, where a simple touch of a button on your smartphone or wall-mounted keypad can lower all of the blinds in your home. You’ll love the privacy this feature offers along with the ease of not having to lower every set of blinds manually.


Match your tunes to your mood with whole home audio.

Whether it’s soft jazz, slow classical music or your first dance song that you two love to listen to on Valentine’s Day, whole home audio can help set the mood. Simply choose your tunes on your smartphone and control the volume as well. Then, you can get back to focusing your attention on your significant other.


And the best part? When you have smart technology installed in your home, you can access and manage any and all of those features from anywhere through an app on your smartphone or a wall-mounted keypad. That means that before you two even step foot in your home, you could have the automated shades closed, the automated lights dimmed and your whole home audio system playing soft jazz in the background. Talk about instant ambiance when you two walk in.

Let the experts help your Valentine’s Day run seamlessly. Schedule an appointment with AV Solutions today!