Simplify Your Life

School is starting again, and the chaos of balancing everyone’s schedules and taking on growing responsibilities at home or work can quickly become overwhelming. Not coincidentally, as this crazy season of the year begins, so does National Simplify Your Life Week. Recognized on August 1-7 this year, the week might present a few questions, including, “What does a simplified life look like? Is it easily obtainable, and if so, how?”

Technology offers a number of great opportunities to simplify your life, especially in the home. The following are just a few great examples of home automation technologies.

One Button for All

When you’re rushing out the door to make sure the kids make the bus or you’re not going to miss your meeting, you can relax knowing that once you get to your destination, you can check your smartphone and ensure all lights were turned off, the doors were locked and the security alarm was turned on with just the touch of a button.

Constant Comfort

Save money by maintaining an energy-efficient temperature while you’re away. You can still arrive in comfort by turning the thermostat back to a temperature of your liking from your smartphone on your way home.

Welcoming Entrances

With motion-sensor lights, your family and guests will always feel welcomed as they step into a new room, never entering a dark room and struggling to find the correct switch. And for those who forget to turn the lights off when they leave, home automation can turn them off automatically. 

Real-Time Updates

Home automation technologies can be programmed to send alerts and notifications when doors are opened, security cameras detect movement, lights are turned on and more. Receive real-time updates and never skip a beat while you’re away from home.

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