Sound Systems for a Spooktacular Halloween!

Picture this – it’s Halloween night, and you’ve got all the lawn decorations out from fake tombs and spider webs to a cauldron of candy and witch brooms. The sky turns dark and the kids start pouring out into the streets with their costumes on. Everyone’s impressed with your themed house, but there seems to be something missing.

Every haunted house needs eerie music to create a spooky atmosphere and heighten the senses of trick-or-treaters. But don’t settle for bringing out the old boom box again. This year, opt into whole home audio, giving you maximum control of the songs playing throughout your home, even outside.

Want “Monster Bash” playing outside for trick-or-treaters, but “Thriller” playing inside for your party guests? Not a problem! You can change the song, volume and other settings through a wall-mounted keypad and through an app on your smartphone.

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