Step on the Court

March Madness kicks off March 11 with Selection Sunday – are you ready to find out which teams have a shot at the championship title? You’re not going to want to miss a single free throw, pass or foul in this year’s tournament. Which brings us to an even better question – how are you planning to watch each game?

When it comes to games this important, average TVs with substandard sound and image quality won’t cut it. You need to embrace the energy of the crowd, see the passion of the players and hear every call from the refs. When you have the right equipment in place from top-quality brands offering you crystal clear images and concert quality sound, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped on the court as well.

Whether you choose to create a home theater or update your media room with surround sound and higher quality TVs, AV Solutions is your go-to professional in the metro Atlanta area to assist you in choosing and installing the right technology for your home, syncing all devices together for a smooth and flawless watching experience.

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