I was incredibly impressed with the level of knowledge and service provided by Paul and his team at AV Solutions. Paul listened to the ideas I had for my theater room and then recommended a variety of options to meet my needs. He was responsive every step of the way and he kept all of his promises from start to finish. He was also willing to educate me about the solutions he recommended. And Paul’s best-in-class service didn’t stop once the project was completed. Later when I had an issue with my system (the problem was no fault of AV Solutions), Paul continued to work with me to ensure we could get it back to his high standards of performance. I cannot recommend AV Solutions enough. They were truly a partner in designing and installing my system, and I won’t hesitate to give them my business in the future!
~Justin A.
Excellent job by the AV Solutions team installing and mounting two TVs. One above the fireplace and one on the screened porch. They did a great job hiding the wires. Responsive, on time, reasonable prices and quality work.
~Todd D.
Paul at AV Solutions did an excellent job putting together a theater and audio system for our basement. We are not a “techie”  family and Paul was great at putting together options and explaining them simply so that we could choose what would work best for us. He coordinated perfectly with our basement building contractor. The end result is sleek looking and easy to use. We are thrilled with our in-ceiling surround sound theater system and Sonos music system & will contact Paul again for future needs!
~L. B.
Exceeded our expectations across the board. AV solutions listened to our needs and provided solid recommendations that we can build on. The installation was impeccable. This company comes with the highest recommendation. Thank you for all that you do.
~Demi M. T. 
I have known the owner of AV Solutions for many years now. He is a dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy business owner. His team installed a very complex AV system in our house and it has been fantastic. I highly recommend using them for any AV job!
~Bo G.
We just got our 2nd system from AVS and it is awesome!! They installed the Savant system and tied both systems together!! Now, I can run both system from my phone or iPad!! The quality of the install is second to none!! If you’re thinking of installing a new entertainment system, give AVS a call, you won’t be disappointed!!!
~Robert T.
We have used AV solutions three times, once at each of our two homes and once at our place of business. Great knowledge. Incredible team of technicians. We are going to use them in our next project. They give great advice and do not try to oversell you as other audio/visual companies do.
~Angelo S.
It is hard to know where to start. Our house burned down in July of 2017 and we’ve been rebuilding for almost 14 months. Our GC was responsible for finding subs. Generally speaking he was mostly off the mark in terms of quality, follow through, flexibility, completeness and quality. Paul was the shining rock star. He listened to what I wanted, measured 5 times before he cut (an analogy) and made sure everything worked. He was a perfectionist in the very best sense of the word. I am in the technology business and had a home theatre in the original house.I knew what I wanted to upgrade, I knew what automation I wanted (operationally but not equipment), and I knew how I wanted to merge telephone, security, audio, visual and all else.  It’s done. Paul was an advisor so that when I wanted to slim down the budget he was there telling me where I should, where I could and where I shouldn’t. He willingly listens to all you have to say, takes it in and then thoughtfully – and it could be a few days later – comes back with his view and assessment. He has energy and enthusiasm in going, trying and doing new approaches where others turn their heads and roll their eyes. He was never wrong and always accessible. I could continue to write but our working together spanned almost a year from our first meeting, then through the pre-wire and then the final install. After 15 months of dealing with every type of sub this is the only review I will write.I am more than happy to share my views and experience with anyone.  You can tell I am totally delighted with Paul and his company, the design he created, the work he did and the final product.  Regardless of the size of the job, Paul will deliver an exceptional product – that’s just simply his DNA.
~John H.
Paul is excellent. The work was done quickly and thoroughly. The attention to detail with all the cables and face plates was notable. They used a newer fancy arm to bring our TV up and down and due to some issues from the manufacturer (not AV solutions issues), Paul had to come back out to the house a few times but did so willingly until it was right.
~Ateet P.
Paul is one of the best professionals I have worked with. He is very quick in responding even if he is busy. He keeps his time as promised and the best of part of working with Paul is that he loves what he does and that shows in his attitude and interactions. His prices are very reasonable. He has worked with me twice in the past the latest being to setup my surround speakers and tuning up the entire 5.1 home theater speakers system. I am very happy with his service. In reality, he has exceeded my expectations on my occasions.
~Amlan P.
We hired AV Solutions to install our home Internet infrastructure. Paul & staff did a fantastic job getting our home up and running. Their work was very timely and thorough. They arrived as scheduled and made sure everything was completed as we requested. We highly recommend AV Solutions and will certainly call them for future needs.
~Kate B.
We used A V Solutions to build our home theater and I was very pleased with my decision in selecting this company over many other companies for this job. Paul and his men did an unbelievable job as even the most minute detail of the work was professionally done leaving us astounded when the work was finished. Not only Paul is an extremely professional person, his very positive attitude and professionalism won my heart and the hearts of my family members. The work was first-rate and I couldn’t have asked for more. To our further delight, despite the wonderful job done by Paul, cost-wise it was much cheaper than other prices that I had obtained.
Once the job was finished, Paul visited our home twice to teach us how to use the system. He uses the most simple language that even non-technical person like us can understand without any problem.
All in all, a great job by Paul and I would not hesitate in recommending him to others including my closest friends and family members.
~Raj J.
Paul and his crew really did a great job from start to finish. He helped us select the perfect equipment for our home. He and his crew installed it all in a timely and professional manner. He even came back multiple times to program remotes to fit our exact needs and he made sure our family knew how to operate all of our equipment properly. I couldn’t be happier with the results!
~Matt C.
Paul did an excellent job setting me up with my home theater and my home media room. His professionalism and prompt, courteous nature was awesome! I even called him as late as 9 p.m. sometimes just to have him explain certain capabilities of my theater. He also politely advised me away from certain choices I made in setting up my theater, which ended up being a better choice for me. I highly recommend AV Solutions. You can’t go wrong with them!
~Rahul G.
Paul and his team exceeded my expectations. They showed up when they said they would and didn’t leave until the job was finished and all the technology was thoroughly explained. I will call them for all future projects.
~Jeff G.
AV Solutions is my go-to company. They have been to my home twice and each time it was a professional and courteous experience. I recommend them 100%.
~Susan M.
Paul and his team did a great job! Very responsive, came when scheduled and got it done quickly! 
~Cathleen L. 
AV Solutions did an excellent job. They needed no “babysitting”, which allowed me to work. They cleaned up everything and the install was as super clean and sleek. Paul is a perfectionist, which means every detail is taken care of. AV has been doing work at my home since 2012, and have proven themselves time and time again. Paul works with me on each project to make sure I get the optimal equipment and set up to meet my specific needs. Definitely recommend these guys!
~David D. 
We just moved and one of the first things on my list was configuration of the new media room. Paul met with my wife and I to develop an ingenious solution to accommodate not only our space limitations but also my desire to install multiple televisions in the same room. Paul and his team did a great job with the install. All wiring was discretely hidden and the ingenious solution of using retractable arms for the additional monitors was installed perfectly. This was not an easy installation and Paul went above and beyond to ensure everything was working correctly. Paul was in constant communication with me. I highly recommend AV solutions. We will be using them for our future needs.
~Mike Lowe
Paul and his team, Dwayne and Jarvis, went above and beyond to install our TV and sound system in our new home.  They had previously packd all our equipment for storage before we moved. When we arrived at our new home we had numerous problems with Comcast getting our service connected.  AV solutions made several trips to our home to get everything working correctly.  They were a wonderful help and we appreciate their attention to detail  to complete the job.  We would recommend them to anyone.
Paul was so helpful from the very beginning. We did not have a huge project but he took the time to review and explain things to me. I am not tech savy so to have someone come in that obviously knew his business was wonderful! He repaired what we currently have and when it came time for the install of the additional items we wanted it was done in a very professional manner. I love the fact that he kept me up-to-date on when things would happen and always showed up on time. Would highly recommend.
~Wendy Green

We used AV Solutions for our Locos Grill & Pub in Buckhead. With 20+ TV’s, it was a pretty complicated job. Paul’s team did a great job. On time, under budget. Thanks!

~Greg Thomas, Locos Grill & Pub

Paul installed our conference room AV system including wall mounted big screen, ceiling mounted projector, sound system, and accessories. He and his team did a terrific job. They were very professional and the quality of work was outstanding.

~Private Customer

Paul and Dewayne are real AV professionals. Since changing to Direct TV, we had problems with use of our surround sound system,, DVD and VCR players and internet connectivity. Within minutes of arrival they restored the surround sound and very quickly simplified the ability to use the different remotes for using the DVD and VCR and a movie program. The MOST IMPORTANT thing they did was not only made sure each device was working but they stayed to demonstrate its use AND then had us also use the different devices. Most techies we have had in the past simply got everything working and said “here it is, here’s the bill, goodbye”. Lastly, Paul and Dewayne are very personable, easy going and explain things in a very non-technical manner that a lay person can understand.

~John and Sandra Farra

The AV solutions team came in and did a great job with cleaning up some lingering issues with the setup. They were professional, thorough and then walked me thoroughly through the configuration changes and how to work the new setup. It has been a 2 months since they came by and I’ve had no issues since. I TOTALLY recommend them. They resolved TV mounting, wireless instability, cabinet clean up, new device installation and a bunch more, and were very reasonable. They also worked with my existing technology versus trying to force me to buy more than what I needed. 

~Wade Gallagher

The AV Solutions team was not only the most economically viable option, but tailored my home theatre exactly how I wanted it. They were, in some cases, 9 times less expensive than other companies that I sought. They also worked with me to match an end result that I had in my mind, which was not a typical run of the mill configuration. There combined experience with home theatre, outdoor theatre, and security was a great provision of single source. Also some of the nicest and most trusting guys you will ever encounter. I would definitely recommend them for my next project.

~Private Customer

While remodeling my basement it became apparent that I needed some professional help with the AV system. Two companies I called never called me back. Two others stated that they were not interested in doing smaller jobs. I was finally referred to Paul. What a relief, he promptly returned all calls and scheduled a first visit within a few days. After listening to what we thought we wanted Paul went to work designing our sytem. He was able to utiltize existing equipment where possible putting it to better use than ever. Paul made several suggestions, which allowed our system to do more than we have ever thought possible. MOREOVER, he worked within our budget and did not try to sell us anything we did not need. Since our media console had not arrived when Paul did the install he had to come back to our house again. I have no issues with his service at all. I sincerely think you will be extremely happy using Paul and AV Solutions.

~Private Customer

My family and I have truly appreciated the work done by AV Solutions in not one, but two of our homes. First and foremost, they are good listeners and are sure to understand what we are trying to accomplish. Second, they are conscientious in that they try to keep costs to a minimum by ordering from trusted suppliers or using equipment already on hand. And finally, they are reliable, on time and a pleasure to have in the home while work is being done.


When you are at your wit’s end with surround sound technicians or television repair people who do not know what they are doing . . .You call Paul! He is a competent and knowledgeable professional who knows exactly what he is doing. He cares about is work. He wants it right and makes it right for his clients. We are so pleased with his ability to fix our problems with our TV and our speaker systems. He knows what the word ” service” means and explained to us everything he was doing. He is well versed in the complexities of today’s sophisticated television networks and how they all can be put together seamlessly to create a finished product. We were fortunate to find him! Always attentive to detail – always listens – is very enthusiastic about his work and, again, is a total Professional.

~Nancy and Scot Roehm

Dear Paul and Greg; Andy and I want to thank you both for the AV work you performed in our new home. Your response time to our first call was immediate as was not the case with other companies we contacted prior to meeting the two of you. Our estimate came promptly and was fair There were not any surprise charges at the end; everything was performed exactly as was agreed upron initially In addition, with all of the construction going on in our house, we appreciated how well you worked with the other contractors to make everything come together cohesively. Both Andy and I commented throughout the whole process what a pleasure it was to work with the two of you; we enjoyed having you around! Thank you for coming back and fine tuning everything at the end; mainly just to get us familiar with working the remotes etc. (easy for even me!) I would have no hesitation in giving your name to anyone who needs AV work done in their home. Please feel free to give my contact information to potential clients.

~Barbie Perlmutter

AV Solutions did a great job understanding our project and then offering advice before the job got underway. They have extensive expertise and followed through to get the job done right. Our basement wiring and audio/video project combined many different devices and AV Solutions integrated the technologies and then (most importantly) explained to me how to make them work, including the remote controls.

~Alan Gotthardt

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding your recent work in our basement ‘TV Room’, where you installed our surround sound system and also integrated some existing equipment we already had. We are very pleased with the final result: the sound is awesome! You did a great job integrating our existing equipment, identifying what new equipment we needed – and going to get that yourself – and getting it all installed just as we talked about. Everything looks great: speakers flush with the wall, subwoofer hidden away, new rear & center speakers …everything looks very smooth. I also want to commend you on putting in extra time & effort – above and beyond what we initially talked about – to get the job done, at the estimate price you gave The macro-enabled remote is great too: my son just presses one button to play PS3, one button for XBOX, one for TV and then one to watch movies, etc. All in all – a great job. We are very happy with the way everything turned out and would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for AV install / integration work.

~Stephen Corder

I want to thank you and AVSolutions Atlanta for the great job you did with the installation of my home entertainment system. From our first meeting and throughout the project you did a great job listening to what I was looking for and wanted to accomplish. You never pushed equipment on me or to spend beyond my budget. Your recommendations on the technical solutions were all right on. I was impressed by the extra work you went through to allow me the opportunity to listen to and compare the speakers I was looking at in configuration that was most like the system that we were planning. I was also very impressed by you and your team’s professionalism during the installation process. You were on time, did the work exactly as we had planned, and while I was out of town treated my wife and family with complete respect. The end result is fantastic. The system is easy to use and looks and sounds great.

~Bob Hesskamp

I would like to thank you for your recent installation of our surround sound system in both our main-floor living room and the downstairs family room. I cannot tell you how much Suzanne and I are enjoying both systems but the upstairs configuration with the RF wand is stupendous! We enjoy the ability to walk around with it (and even go outside on the deck) and still are able to change settings, volume, etc. Really could make a couch-potato out of a person if they let it

I also commend you on your honest approach in offering less costly alternatives than what I originally requested. You were correct in your analysis of providing an enhanced system for less cost to me and less money to you. That is commendable in this day and age. Your attention to detail, dedication to the job and cleanliness in performing the work are a credit to your work ethic and professionalism. I would be pleased to provide a reference for you should anyone want one

~Jim Flowers

I recently had my basement finished and as part of the work, contracted with Paul and AV Solutions to install a home theatre AND an audio/visual environment where my teenage kids would enjoy “hanging out” with their friends. I decided to work with Paul for 3 reasons: 1) Paul really listened to what I wanted and the type of equipment, layout, etc… matched my needs. 2) Paul demonstrated a great deal of flexibility in terms of working with the construction crew doing the basement work. And 3) Paul gave me a “more than fair” cost estimate.

Since then we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our new basement. We had a big SuperBowl party and used both of the televisions–it was a BIG hit. My son seems to have friends over every weekend and they’re bouncing back and forth from the X-Box to the Wii. And my daughter is either watching movies on the home theatre system or playing music from her phone. We wanted a place that we could enjoy as a family AND be a “teen hangout” for our kids and their friends—and Paul delivered!

In short, Paul exceeded my expectations from the beginning. I had never taken on this kind of project before. I didn’t really understand what type/brand of equipment I needed. I was concerned about the deadlines being missed. And I was worried about over-spending the budget. Paul met his deadlines. He came in at budget. And his recommendations on the equipment needed to meet my expectations were perfect (Especially having 2 subwoofers!!).

~Tom Kupec

Exceptional customer service from initial email contact through completion of project.

Technician was very skilled and could communicate with us so we could better understand the workings of our system. To their credit, they came in behind the original (professional) installer of our system (our builder’s recommendation), corrected their mistakes and enhanced system capability and performance.

We already plan to have them come back for upgrades in the near future. This company puts the “big box” stores, including Best Buy, and their so-called “service” to shame. Anyone who goes to the “big box” stores for product and service is uninformed. They also out performed some of our local professionals, including price competitiveness.

~Madeira Beach

We utilized the services of AV Solutions for two different projects over the last several years. The first was to install a flat-screen TV in our home gym that included relocating electric/cable outlets and the mounting and installation of the TV. The job was done quickly, professionally and the solution looked great. The second project was to install a media room and whole house audio system (both indoors and outdoors) in a home we were renovating and was much more extensive in nature. I used AV Solutions for everything including the design, selection and location of the hardware, purchasing of all of the equipment and the final install and programming of the system. Paul and his teamed worked with us and our general contractor every step of the way. The quality of the install, the service throughout the several month process and the value for the money we spent exceeded my expectations. We have been using our new system for about 6 months now without any issues; everything works, looks and sounds the way it was intended, absolutely fantastic. Finally, if you’re looking for a responsive, detail-oriented, customer-focused company to meet your AV needs, I would highly recommend Paul and the team at AV Solutions – you will not regret your decision. 

~Brian Goshen

Paul was very professional from day 1. He called several times (even on Sat) to make an appointment, diagnosed the problem with our home theater, and offered two solutions, depending on our needs. He also followed up to make sure everything was working. A real find in an industry that has given me so much heartache.

~Lina Chayevsky

Paul set up my entire TV, Computer and sound system in my home- Great Job, on time and at the agrred price- very clean and though He is the best and I recommend him to anyone!!

~Kevin Schultz

I called AV Solutions to do a full home theatre installation in my home. What a delight it was to speak to Paul in person about my requirements. He was passionate, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. In the end, Paul and his brother did a superb job. If you want the job done properly, then you must call the AV Solutions team. Thanks guys.

~Lee Verdon

Paul and Michelle installed a few upgrades to my existing home theater. What impressed me as much as their technical expertise, was their integrity. They sold me what I needed…..period. They were on time, on budget and as a bonus, nice folks. Highly recommend! Will use them again!


My basement AV project dreams were really a stretch but Paul made all the impossible happen for me….he and his team were fun to work with!

~Greg D

AV Solutions did a terrific job addressing several issues with an existing media room and wi-fi installation/wiring in my recently purchased home. Paul expertly identified the problems that needed to be corrected and then designed and implemented solutions that provided me with just the right solutions. His professionalism, integrity, and wise counsel were greatly appreciated. I value his services and his approach to doing business and recommend him highly.

~William Kitchens

I had my entire house wired with audio visual. I had it done previously by another company and nothing worked. Paul and his crew fixed it all and I am very happy! They are professional, knowledgeable and patient. i could not be happier with the results. In a world where so many companies do not do what they say or finish on time, this is a company you can trust!

~Maria M, FarraTech

AV Solutions did an outstanding job installing our home theater system,and complete SONOS sound system in our basement and a four speaker system in our backyard around the pool. Paul and his company are very professional and I would use them again.

~Jim Walsh

Paul guided me through selecting hardware and floor-plans. He installed the speakers, wiring, all AV equipment, screen, and remote control. He configured and tweaked the sound-system with custom mics around the room so it would be perfect. Since then he has offered technical support and fixed a couple of issues I caused when I started messing with cables, taking time to explain to me what I did wrong. I originally didn’t hire Paul but he stepped in to save the day. I had a contractor overhauling my basement and they were finishing the room that would be my home theater. My original AV guy (I won’t name the company) was a no-show and unresponsive to calls. I asked the construction company’s project manager what I should do and he said “I know just the guy.” Paul swooped in and worked extra hours, coordinating with the construction company on timing. He gave me options and explained all the components. I am thrilled with the result. I messed around with a lot of cables because I like to play with technology and screwed things up. I called Paul. He came out, fixed it, and took the time to explain to me exactly what happened. Paul is a fantastic guy and I will be asking him to do all AV work in the future. I’m very much a DIY person, but after seeing Paul’s work, anyone thinking of a DIY home theater should really give him a call first.