Trust the Experts to Set Up Your Home Equipment

Have you ever attempted to set up your own television and sound system in your media room? Maybe you tried putting in speakers when you were creating a whole home audio experience? Many times these kinds of audio and video projects that are attempted in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fashion end up being more of a hassle than they are worth.
You might discover the following from your DIY attempt:

  • Video is unclear
  • Sound is not synced properly to the video
  • Systems and televisions are not be leveled or secure
  • Wires are tangled and very visible


When you invest in a media room update, whole home audio system, home theater and other home automation projects, you want to know they will work seamlessly, have great quality and look clean and professionally done.

Instead of setting up your own system and having it look like this:


Let AV Solutions set up your systems for you to create a masterpiece like this:

On top of always ensuring that devices and systems sync properly to one another and are leveled, secure and of great quality, our team of experts also goes through an entire process to make sure that all wires are hidden and up to code.

That’s right ­– you can’t just drill some holes in the wall and call it a day. There is a method to the madness, with a safety code to follow. Here are just a few of the major steps we take to give you the clean, crisp and professional audio and video projects you’re looking for:


Secure the Mount

First and foremost, the television needs to be secure. Really secure. This is a very big investment you’re trying to hang on your wall while gravity wants to bring it down. We always mount TVs properly and with a strong base, so you never have to wonder if it’s coming down at any given moment.


Two Holes for Wires – No More, No Less

We will never make more holes in your wall than necessary. One hole hidden behind the television never gives the cords a chance to show near the TV. The other hole is located closer to the floor and a nearby outlet. We drill the hole as close to the outlet as possible, so the minimum amount of wires possible will show.


Cover the wires

The next matter of business is running a plastic tube inside the wall that will hold the wires inside. The only cord that won’t be inside the tube is the in-wall power cord. Not only does this tube help confine the rest of the wires and easily get them from Point A (the TV) to Point B (the outlet), but it also helps with the safety codes. This coverage minimizes risks and fire hazards – a sure win for all.


Even with all of the DIY kits and tools available to set up your television and/or speakers with hidden wires on your own, you still run the risk of improper placement, devices not syncing correctly and unleveled or insecure mounts.

If you’re looking to create a clean and professional system in your home, trust the experts to do it for you. You’ll be so glad you trusted AV Solutions to take care of the process for you, and you’ll never have to wonder how long you’ve got until everything comes crashing down.


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