Valentine’s Date Night at Home? We Got You Covered!

Are you planning a romantic date for Valentine’s Day in the comfort of home? At AV Solutions, we will help you make your day a memorable experience.

From helping you create the perfect ambiance with surround sound and automated lighting to providing the ideal set up for a romantic movie night, our experts are here for you.

Specifically, we can update your home with the following solutions:


Whole Home Audio: Enjoy the opportunity to play music in every room in your home as well as outside. Other benefits include:
• No more visible wires running down walls or bunched behind devices
• Nearly invisible speakers for enhanced visual appeal
• Control of your audio systems with a wall-mounted keypad or your smartphone

Automated Lighting: Control all the lights in your home from your mobile device or tablet, and create the best ambiance for your night. Other benefits of automated lights include:
• Reducing use of lights when not needed
• Minimizing electric bills
• Enhancing home security

TV Automation: Connect all your TV systems to one controller for the best movie-watching experience. Other benefits include:
• Reduce the number of gadgets needed to watch movies, play video games or access other inputs in your TV
• Access all of your TV’s offerings from one controller

Are you ready to transform your home for Valentine’s Day? Let our experts at AV Solutions help. Contact us to make an appointment.