Wake Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine

It’s Saturday morning and the sun drifts through the windows. The dust floats through the air and falls out of sight. All is quiet in the house.


Too quiet.


Wake the family up with music and fun! Open those windows for the crisp, fresh air and tackle your plans for spring cleaning! No one likes to clean in silence, especially when you make a day of it. With whole home audio from AV Solutions, each family member can customize the music in their designated cleaning spot to maximize their productivity. Or perhaps you want the whole house grooving to the same tune? Our home automation tools allow you the ideal level of customization when it comes to the soundtrack of your home.

You can enjoy music in every room of your home, even outside. With nearly invisible speakers placed throughout the home, you can begin your spring cleaning and never miss a beat of your favorite tunes. Turn up the classic rock on the patio as the teenagers jam to pop inside. Controlled by a wall-mounted keypad or an app on your phone, you can carry the features in your pocket as you move throughout the day.


Whole home audio can turn even the most mundane tasks into memories. Integrate a whole home audio install into your renovation plans and upgrade your cleaning routine for years to come.


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