Watching Movies has its Benefits

All we hear anymore about watching movies and television is how bad it is for you and why we shouldn’t watch so much of it. It can have negative implications when you watch too much of either, but can’t too much of anything be a bad thing?

Sharing stories and experiences have provided happiness and entertainment for thousands of years.

Doing so may have started with passing down stories orally over the years, but as technology advanced, it only makes sense that so would our way of sharing stories. The following are just a few benefits to watching television shows and movies via Quora:


Stress Relief

Plugging in the TV and unplugging your thoughts while watching a show or movie can bring so much peace to an individual. Yes, there are informative movies that require thinking which are also beneficial, but sometimes you just need a night of good company, laughter and no hard thinking.



Movies can provide simple truths to how lives should be lived or how change can be made. They often take ordinary characters and prove that anyone can make a difference. That being said, watching movies can provide inspiration and motivation to spark changes in the viewer’s personal lives or in the community.



Even in the case of comedies, dramas or thrillers, movies can bring awareness to different topics in various ways. From social issues to rare diseases and disorders or even to new social trends and mannerisms, movies provide the perfect way to spread awareness to a big audience.

Going along with awareness, Info Stride mentioned that with movie watching also comes learning different cultures. We aren’t always able to out and experience other states, countries and cultures for ourselves; movies allow us to gain insight into other perspectives and worlds without physically being there.


So stop listening to all of the bad rap that watching television and movies has on an individual. Yes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, so maybe watch in moderation…but nevertheless, breathe easy knowing it has its benefits.

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