Why We Do Business

At AV Solutions, we always talk about how honored we are to serve the metro Atlanta area, and how much we strive to offer the highest quality service, products and value to every customer. But we all know that actions speak louder than words. That’s why receiving testimonials like the newest one below means the world to our team, as we are able to see how much our work impacts our customers.


Thank you, John and all of our customers, for the amazing reviews you have given us over the years. Read all of our testimonials here »

“It is hard to know where to start. Our house burned down in July of 2017 and we’ve been rebuilding for almost 14 months. Our GC was responsible for finding subs. Generally speaking he was mostly off the mark in terms of quality, follow through, flexibility, completeness and quality. Paul was the shining rock star. He listened to what I wanted, measured 5 times before he cut (an analogy) and made sure everything worked. He was a perfectionist in the very best sense of the word. I am in the technology business and had a home theatre in the original house. I knew what I wanted to upgrade, I knew what automation I wanted (operationally but not equipment), and I knew how I wanted to merge telephone, security, audio, visual and all else. It’s done. Paul was an advisor so that when I wanted to slim down the budget he was there telling me where I should, where I could and where I shouldn’t. He willingly listens to all you have to say, takes it in and then thoughtfully – and it could be a few days later – comes back with his view and assessment. He has energy and enthusiasm in going, trying and doing new approaches where others turn their heads and roll their eyes. He was never wrong and always accessible. I could continue to write but our working together spanned almost a year from our first meeting, then through the pre-wire and then the final install. After 15 months of dealing with every type of sub this is the only review I will write. I am more than happy to share my views and experience with anyone. You can tell I am totally delighted with Paul and his company, the design he created, the work he did and the final product. Regardless of the size of the job, Paul will deliver an exceptional product – that’s just simply his DNA.”

~ John H.