Home Entertainment Solutions: TV Integration

Smart home entertainment enhances the comfort of your home by providing you easy access to all of the different tools and apps used in your house. In order to fully enjoy the features of your home’s TVs, integration is the best way to ensure this happens.

During your TV installation appointment, our experts at AV Solutions will ensure you and your family can control all features of your TV and its connection to other gadgets from one controller.

How does TV Integration work?
Also known as “distributed video,” home TV automation and integration is the process of enabling a single video connection such as cable, a satellite receiver or a Blu-ray player to be shared between all your television sets that are connected to a video switch.

Two popular options for getting video from the source to each of your includes the use of HDMI cables or HDBaseT technology. The advantage of HD Base T technology is that by using Ethernet cabling, a single cable can send the video to a TV as well as control the set’s functionality.

During the consultation process and installation appointment, our experts will ensure to provide you with the solution that is more appropriate for your home. Regardless of tools implemented, distributed video home TV systems create lower equipment costs for video sources.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and see how automating and integrating your TV controls can benefit you.