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2450 Freedom Pkwy, Suite 102
Cumming, GA, 30041

Home Theater

Experience an Exceptional Viewing Environment 

Home Theater

Enjoy the Wonder of Home Cinema with Striking Visuals and Sound
  • Watch crisp 4K HD video projection in the privacy of your home

  • Adjust lights, climate, and AV from your touch panel to set ideal environment

  • Neutralize ambient noise with custom acoustic treatments to enjoy your audio video solutions to the fullest

The Ultimate Cinematic Sanctuary

Step into a world where every film becomes an intimate experience, all within the comfort of your home. Our home theater solutions effortlessly merge state-of-the-art visuals with enveloping sound, delivering an ambiance that rivals premier cinemas. Tailored to perfection, each element — from vibrant 4K projections to lush acoustics — is crafted to captivate. Complete with intuitive controls and plush seating, it's more than just a viewing space; it's a journey. Dive into the heart of storytelling, where every scene feels like a personal performance. Your sanctuary of cinematic brilliance awaits.

About Us

Since day one, AV Solutions, Inc. believes that a successful company is built by consistently delivering the highest quality service, products, and value to every customer.

We take pride in educating our clients on the current, cutting-edge technology that is available so we can implement systems that fit their lifestyles. AV Solutions is based in Cumming, Ga, and serves the Atlanta and Tampa metro areas.

Due to the rapid changes in technology, we continually evolve our offered services in order to meet your needs. Let our creative and knowledgeable staff put their design experience to work as we create your Home Theater, Whole House Audio, and Automation system.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your project to turn your home into the home of your dreams… We invite you to check out our client testimonials. You’ll see why our dedication and level of service make us the company of choice in the industry.

Explore True Cinematic Elegance with Our Home Theater Systems

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