AV Solutions has a number of services to offer in the audio and video industry in the metro Atlanta area, for both in the home and in corporate businesses. We believe that successful companies are built by delivering consistent, high-quality services, products and value to customers. We are able to provide this quality by evolving our services as technology advances. Below are the main service offerings we provide in Atlanta, but we would love to hear any new or other ideas you may have for your dream home theater, media room, business or other locations. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and discuss your audio and video needs. 

Home Theater

When you hire AV Solutions to create a home theater in your Atlanta home, expect the following:

  • Pristine Images – so realistic, you’ll think you’ve stepped on the scene. 
  • Concert Quality Sound – the sound quality will make you feel like you’re at the concert.
  • Comfortable Seating – our manufacturers have high-quality recognition, so plush theater seating and furniture will offer you maximum comfort.
  • Ambiance – lighting features can be adjusted to allow you to create the best home theater experience fit for any genre or crowd.

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Why Have AV Solutions Install a Home Theater?

Atlanta home theaters are more than just a means to watching movie; it’s a place to spend time with your family and friends. A place to develop memories that will last a lifetime. A place to become the next hangout spot, where kids will be excited to invite friends to join. 

No more loading everyone in the car to see a packed-out movie with viewers that comment on every line the actor says. Instead, create the best home theater experience by letting AV Solutions install your home theater. 

Click on the following for more information on the elements to consider in your home theater installation.

  • Home Theater DesignAV Solutions can offer you home theater designs that are a best use of your space, with the best matched equipment, within your budget. 
  • Home Theater ConsultingAV Solutions will provide professional home theater consultations, taking your audio and video needs and preferences into account. 
  • Home Theater Wiring Wiring for home theaters is not as easy as it looks; it takes a trained professional to make sure all devices are synced properly and the audio is calibrated to the video perfectly.
  • Home Theater Seating & Furniture AV Solutions’ design team only uses the best home theater seating & furniture manufacturers in the industry to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. 
  • Home Theater Lighting Whether for general lighting or ambiance lighting in your home theater, AV Solutions has the products to provide the best home theater experience for you, also offering easy-to-use lighting controls.
  • Home Theater Equipment AV Solutions offers the best advice and equipment solutions for a home theater based on various components such as room size, connectivity, room use and acoustics. 

Learn more about AV Solutions’ home theater solution here.


Home Automation

You can automate your home in the following ways:

  • TV Installation From hanging large screen TVs to installing complete home theater systems, AV Solutions is the professional business you need to install any TVs.
  • Lighting Control  Minimize electric utility expenses, never worry if you turned off the lights again, create ambience in any room and enhance home security with automated lights.
  • Electric & Motorized Blinds Enjoy privacy in any room, save on utilities and access the blinds easily with automated shades and blinds.
  • Home TV Automation and Integration Never deal with the hassle of multiple remotes again. Change the channel, turn up the volume and power on your devices all with one controller.
  • Smart Home Heating and Cooling Control Automation Keep your home comfortable year-round with easy pre-set thermostat controls on your smartphone app.
  • Home Door Lock Automation Maintain maximum security and a peace of mind while making your key obsolete and locking and unlocking your door wherever you are with a smartphone app.
  • Home Surveillance & Security Systems Take advantage of wireless systems and instant alerts wherever you are when your security and surveillance systems notice activity. 

Looking to add any home automation features to your Atlanta home? Contact us for more information, or schedule a consultation! Call 678-648-1603 or email info@avsolutionsatlanta.com.

Why choose smart homes?

Smart homes are becoming more popular, thriving off of consumers’ need for ease and convenience. Installing applications that make mundane and tedious tasks easier can benefit you in many ways, including saving on utility costs, being installed wirelessly, and remaining fairly inexpensive.

What classifies a home as a smart home?

It starts with an app. Instead of calling the neighbors and asking about the status of your home in Atlanta, what if you could press a button on your smartphone and see for yourself? Smart home technology like the surveillance app gives you control and a peace of mind. Using one application doesn’t qualify your house as a smart home yet, but you’re on your way after installing many apps with various purposes. Other technologies your smart home can have are automated lighting, locks, heating and cooling, garage doors, entertainment, blinds and surveillance and safety features. 

Learn more about AV Solutions’ home automation solution here.


Whole Home Audio

Enjoy listening to music even more.

When AV Solutions installs audio systems in your home, you will obtain these benefits:

  • Listen to music in every room of your home.
  • Enjoy audio systems inside and outside.
  • Lose the visible wires bunched behind devices or running down walls.
  • Take advantage of nearly invisible speakers for exquisite visual appeal.
  • Control audio systems with a smartphone or wall-mounted keypad.

There are multiple options of audio systems that fit various budgets. Schedule an appointment to discuss your questions and interests. Call us at 678-648-1603 or email info@avsolutionsatlanta.com.

But what even is whole home audio?

Whole home audio is a system that offers have high-quality sound in every room of the home. Enjoy Wi-Fi connected speakers in any room, allowing people to listen to different songs simultaneously. You’ll love AV Solutions’ installation services, process and high-quality systems.

Multi-Room Home Audio Installation – the biggest perk of whole home audio. Customize your playlist to play recorded music in the living room, Pandora in the bedroom room, and Spotify at the pool.

Learn more about AV Solutions’ whole home audio solution here. 


Corporate AV 

What does a corporate AV system entail?

  • Audio company-wide
  • Overhead paging systems
  • Satellite, internet or digital radio
  • Noise cancellation or sound masking systems
  • Video chat and conferencing
  • Equipment for presentations

Look to AV Solutions to enhance the technology in your Atlanta company. Call 678-648-1603 or email info@avsolutionsatlanta.com to schedule a consultation. 

Why should you bother upgrading your Atlanta business?

Other than the equipment increasing productivity and functionality for your employees, AV Solutions’ services can make your business more welcoming to customers and clients. Raising the bar in your company with technology will improve your visual appeal as well as your company’s productivity and capabilities.

With what specific service can I enhance my business


  • Lobby TV Installation – educate, inform, entertain and welcome patients, clients and/or customers from the moment they step into your lobby. 

Learn more about AV Solutions’ corporate AV services here.