AV Solutions’ TV Installation

For over 9 years, AV Solutions has been the place Atlanta neighbors, friends and family turn to for exquisite TV installations. When we discuss home theaters for your Atlanta home, our certified team of expert installers can do everything – hang large screen TVs in a room, home or office, install complete home theater systems including audio and video equipment, home theater lighting, as well as home theater seating and furniture.

TV Installation Importance

One of the commonly overlooked TV installation problems is speaker placement. Where a speaker is placed in home theaters is dependent on space, not the layout. AV Solutions of Atlanta’s well-trained, expert TV installation crews take the time to find the best space for speaker location so your audio comes through perfectly. Your only job – choose the environment and experience you want the sound system to match in your Atlanta home. Our team will deliver.

Audio and video components should be properly installed so you can enjoy a big screen TV monitor while sitting in any seat in the home theater. 

What AV Solutions of Atlanta Installers Do

TV installation is a job for certified Atlanta experts. AV Solutions often has to come to the rescue of ambitious do-it-yourself people in the metro Atlanta area who are frustrated with the installation process and needed AV Solutions to do the complete the home theater or TV installation.

Some things AV Solutions does when installing home theaters:

– Connect TVs to video components (Xbox, Chromecast and more)
– Add smart TVs and Internet-ready video devices to home WiFi networks
– Program remote control(s)
– Professionally install home theater lighting and home theater seating and furniture
– Calibrate devices so they play perfectly

If you’re just getting started in the home theater process or you’re starting to get frustrated installing a home theater on your own, connect with us. We’re happy to help!