Home Surveillance & Security Systems

Concerned about home security in Atlanta? Home automation designers and installers in Atlanta use wireless technology to offer home surveillance and security systems controlled by a smartphone, console, computer or security wall pad.

AV Solutions of Atlanta has the best home surveillance and security systems and related components to offer. And no, best does not mean most expensive. It means:

– Home automation
– Instant alerts
– Wire-free

When burglar alarms were first in use, wireless technology wasn’t invented yet. Wired home surveillance and security systems were connected to telephone lines. If alarms went off, the phone line was directed to a monitoring station. The station would then call the police. Burglars learned to cut phone lines before a break in, thus silencing the alarm signal.

However, now the components used in wireless systems are discrete and run on battery power. They are movable and easy to use with commands you make using a cell phone, console or traditional wall pad from home in Atlanta or while away.

Batteries last 3 to 5 years and wireless home surveillance and security systems don’t have the issue of burglars possibly cutting lines to silence alarms. Signals are sent via Atlanta cell phone frequencies.

Benefits of Wireless Home Surveillance and Security Systems in Atlanta

1. They use less equipment and are easy to install.

2. They are portable, so you can take the equipment with you if/when you move away from Atlanta.

3. If you buy home surveillance and security systems from AV Solutions and have our expert team install it, you gain an easy-to-use system with an effective monitoring system that reports suspicious activity.

4. You can add components and additional services easily, including:

– Surveillance (in kids’ rooms, at front doors, etc.)
– Fire alarm system
– Lighting control, shade control and other functions

Contact us today to secure your home with home automation.