Choosing Home Theater Equipment in Atlanta

Picking home theater equipment in Atlanta is the most essential decision you make in creating home theaters.

Metro Atlanta homeowners choose AV Solutions for expert advice and home theater equipment solutions.

The AV Solutions team doesn’t pull equipment from a magician’s hat. The Atlanta team works with your family to learn your home theater equipment needs and wants.

The AV Solutions of Atlanta Home Theater Equipment Selection Process

– Check Room Size

Before the equipment selection starts, AV Solutions begins by determining the size of your home theater. 

– Device Connectivity

What sources will you use to get video and audio programming? Cable, sound system sources like iPad music streaming, paid or free radio, etc. We carry home theater equipment that fits most budgets, but we also only sell equipment from recognized high-quality manufacturers. 

– Room Acoustics

Acoustics play a major part during home theater equipment selection. Ceiling height and the type of flooring used impact room acoustics and in return shape sound quality of home theaters. 

– Room Purpose

A room strictly used for home theaters may require different equipment than multipurpose rooms where people play online games. For example, Microsoft Xbox is a game controller that can stream video programs like movies.

High-Quality Brands

While AV Solutions of Atlanta carries equipment to fit most budgets, we sell only home theater equipment from recognized top quality manufacturers, including: 

– JVC Professional
– Marantz
– Martin Logan
– Monitor Audio
– Samsung
– Screen Innovations
– Sony
– Yamaha

Looking for top-notch equipment in your Atlanta home theater that provides the best experience? Contact AV Solutions