DIY Home Theater Wiring Shouldn’t Happen

Many homeowners think home theater wiring is similar to wiring a computer to the Internet. These heroic partners or parents quickly realize there is little similarity between the home theater wiring and Internet wiring. Even theater-in-a-box installations are tricky, and the more you buy different brand equipment, the trickier the home theater wiring can be.

At AV Solutions, our team of experts professionally complete your Atlanta home theater wiring so there is no tangle of wires showcased.

Why Use AV Solutions of Atlanta to Complete Your Home Theater Wiring? 

1. AV Solutions of Atlanta has trained experts.

There’s more to completing home theater wiring than connecting the right pieces together. Simply figuring out which wires go where can be an installation nightmare. AV Solutions of Atlanta’s professional team is trained for calibrating and installing various components from similar or different manufacturers, as well as syncing all devices properly through home theater wiring.

2. The placement of home theater speakers is essential. 

Where speakers are placed for optimum audio performance is a vital consideration for the best performance of your home theater. Let the AV Solutions of Atlanta pros complete your home theater wiring for you.

3. AV Solutions will calibrate your system with the right home theater wiring. 

Your home theater system is likely to have many options for audio and video settings. One incorrect setting can ruin audio tracks, make videos too bright or cause music to interfere with dialog. AV Solutions’ experienced and well-qualified installation team can offer your metro Atlanta home with high quality home theater wiring installation that entails the calibration of audio or video, or both combined.

4. Control your lighting with AV Solutions. 

Ever question if you missed an important part during a bathroom break or a trip to the movie theater lobby for snacks and drinks? Why don’t projector rooms pause a movie while you are out of the theater? With a home video installation by AV Solutions, though, you control the pause button. AV Solutions can also put everything onto a single remote control that gives you the power to pause the movie and raise or lower the lighting when needed.

Don’t leave home theater setup to chance by wiring everything yourself. 

Contact us today to let our professionals do the home theater wiring for you in your Atlanta home.