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From Lighting to Acoustics, a Home Theater Builder Does It All

A luxury home theater with a Sony projector.

What to Expect When Hiring a Home Theater Installer 

Are you searching for an exceptional home entertainment experience? Have you ever wondered how people get their home theaters? 

Look no further than AV Solutions, your trusted home theater builder in Cumming, GA. Our expert team specializes in transforming your space into a cinematic haven. Here's what you can expect from our home theater installations. 

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The Best Holiday Movie Nights Await

The Best Holiday Movie Nights Await

Some of the best memories of the holiday season may include movie nights and lots of delicious snacks.

At AV Solutions, we help elevate your holiday experience with the best home theater solutions for your home.

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The Best Scary Movie Nights for Halloween

The Best Scary Movie Nights for Halloween

Movie nights are always a good plan, but when you add the spooky elements of Halloween and the comfort of having your own home theater, they just get even better.

At AV Solutions, our experts can help you and your family have the best and spookiest movie nights with our home theater solutions.

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Your Father’s Wish List: Home Theater


Celebrate your dad with the space of his dreams. Home theaters are a great addition to any house and are perfect for relaxing and entertaining. AV Solutions are experts at designing and installing home theaters based on your needs, budget and space.

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