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How Do I Make My Pool More Luxurious with Outdoor Lighting?

A modern, luxury home with an in-ground pool illuminated by outdoor lighting.

A Lighting Guide for Pool Owners in Tampa 

Creating a luxurious ambiance around your pool isn't just about the water features and furniture; it's about setting the right mood. And there won’t be much of a ‘mood’ at night if your poolside is hidden in the dark. 

Outdoor lighting can transform your poolside area into an inviting oasis, perfect for relaxation or entertaining. As an outdoor lighting provider in Tampa, FL, here are our tips to achieve optimal pool lighting. 

Car Dealerships Need Better Commercial AV Options


AV Solutions Empowers Businesses in the Greater Atlanta Area

Car dealerships are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the customer experience and drive sales, and with so much competition in the Greater Atlanta area, it’s time to take a look at your business. One transformative way to elevate the customer experience and enhance operations is the strategic implementation of commercial audio/video technology

Keep reading to learn how you can revolutionize the way your dealership presents vehicles and engages with customers.

Meet the Team: Paul Tordik


Meet Paul Tordik, owner and founder of AV Solutions. With over 17 years of experience, he entered the industry in 2005 with his first company and eventually stepped away to found AVS.

As a small business owner, Paul is highly involved in the company’s everyday operations. A day on the job for him includes scheduling appointments, meeting with clients, managing the day-to-day operations and working on big projects with the AV Solutions team. 

Meet the Team: Jake Atchison


Jake Atchison is an Assistant Technician at AV Solutions. He joined the team in November 2021 and is responsible for assisting in the overall installation process by providing support to our main technicians.

We Get the Job Done Right!

At AV Solutions, we strive to achieve 100% client satisfaction at every job we complete. We deliver quality service, products and value to every customer. Your reviews are so important for us to know that we got the job done right!

“AV Solutions did a great job understanding our project and then offering advice before the job got underway. They have extensive expertise and followed through to get the job done right. Our basement wiring and audio/video project combined many different devices and AV Solutions integrated the technologies and then (most importantly) explained to me how to make them work, including the remote controls.”

 ~Alan Gotthardt

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In Need of a Smart Home Update? You’re In Luck!

In Need of a Smart Home Update? You’re In Luck!

Have you been considering making some updates to your home’s entertainment devices? You’re in luck! At AV Solutions, we offer a variety of services and the latest gadgets to get your home technology up-to-date. Keep reading to learn about our solutions and their benefits to your home and family.