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Meet the Team: Paul Tordik


Meet Paul Tordik, owner and founder of AV Solutions. With over 17 years of experience, he entered the industry in 2005 with his first company and eventually stepped away to found AVS.

As a small business owner, Paul is highly involved in the company’s everyday operations. A day on the job for him includes scheduling appointments, meeting with clients, managing the day-to-day operations and working on big projects with the AV Solutions team. 

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Meet the Team: Jake Atchison


Jake Atchison is an Assistant Technician at AV Solutions. He joined the team in November 2021 and is responsible for assisting in the overall installation process by providing support to our main technicians.

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Meet the Team: Jason Hopper


Since a young age, Jason Hopper was interested in technology. Now, he is part of the AV Solutions team as a Supervisor/Technician with a focus on system programming. Jason contributes over 15 years of professional experience to the AVS team, which includes time he spent working as a projectionist for one of the largest movie theater companies in the country and educational experience in Adobe Sound.

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