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Where Can I Buy Motorized Shades?


AV Solutions Brings Style, Comfort & Convenience to Atlanta Homes

The Greater Atlanta area is filled with stunning homes; some are updated older homes, while many are new construction. The one thing these all have in common is the modern homeowner and their families living inside—and modern lifestyle’s call for technology!

The seamless integration of technology and style is a way of life, so it’s no surprise that motorized shading stands out for blending convenience, elegance, and functionality. Wondering how to bring this subtle yet life-changing smart home solution to your home? The answer lies not in the aisles of a big-box retailer but with the expertise of technology integrators like AV Solutions. 

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Where Can I Buy Motorized Shades?

From AV Solutions! Partnering with a professional integrator means investing in a tailored experience designed for your unique routines. Various shade styles matched with expert programming ensure each shade fully incorporates into your daily life. One button tap or a voice command can raise a single shade or an entire house's worth!

Will Automated Shades Match My Decor?

Yes. Motorized window treatments are customizable, so they fit your windows and complement your home's design aesthetic. The right professional integrator can turn your vision into reality with the specific fabric, color, or shading style you're after.

Do Automated Window Treatments Work with Other Smart Home Solutions?

Yes. What sets professional integrators apart is their ability to weave motorized shades into the fabric of your smart home ecosystem. Imagine shades that adjust with the rising sun, work harmoniously with your interior lighting to set the perfect ambiance, or enhance your home entertainment experience with a single voice command

The path to better natural lighting doesn’t lead to a big-box retailer—it leads to a professional shading team like AV Solutions! Contact our team here to start your journey toward better-looking living spaces.

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