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Who Can Build Me a Luxury Home Theater?

A luxury home theater with a mountain view on screen.

Discover the Possibilities from a Tampa Home Theater Company 

Do you want your own theater in the comfort of your Tampa home? Do you want to feel the impact and sensation of every cinematic moment just like it feels in a real theater? 

Achieving that level of luxury and immersion can be difficult on your own. Home theater design and installation isn’t something anyone can pick up in a day. It requires careful planning, measurements, configurations, ordering the right equipment, and knowing how (and where) to install audio, video, and lighting for the best results. And that’s not even including the walls, floors, or furniture! 

But you don’t have to fend for yourself and spend months on this project. Hire a home theater company! Yes, they exist, and there’s one right here in Tampa, FL: AV Solutions. 

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What Do Home Theater Companies Do? 

When you hire a company like AV Solutions, we provide the following services: 

  • Home Theater Design: Before ordering any parts or starting the installation, we’ll draft a layout with you and determine where everything will go, planning for sightlines, seating arrangements, and optional elevated floors. 
  • Order Equipment: We have relationships with premium vendors for the best lighting, audio, video, and seating you can’t get elsewhere.   
  • Room Construction: Some home theaters are built from the ground up in new home builds. Or will you want tiered floors? We’ll work with your home builder to ensure everything’s in place for the theater. 
  • In-Wall Wiring: We run data and power wiring through walls for a clean, seamless appearance. 
  • Audio & Lighting: You may also want in-wall or in-ceiling audio. At this stage, we’ll install audio and recessed lighting, including starry night ceiling lights. 
  • Surround Sound & Acoustics: We assemble and configure your surround sound system and balance sound with acoustic treatments. 
  • Furniture: We order and install your home theater seating, which is customizable to your style preferences. 
  • Control System: We’ll integrate a smart control system that syncs to media sources, AV, lighting, HVAC, and more. 

Meet AV Solutions in Tampa & Atlanta

Are you ready to start your dream home theater? Contact AV Solutions to learn more about our services and begin your project today!

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