Play the Ultimate Prank With Automation

Warning: This idea may result in lights flickering, ominous music, and the occasional ghost projection in your home theater room. Don’t blame us. Blame Dad!

Happy April Fools’ Day! We hope you have the ultimate pranks planned for your loved ones today. With services like home theater rooms, whole home audio and home automation features, we’re sure previous clients of AV Solutions are having a field day!

Here are a couple of prank ideas we came up with while wondering just what kind of fun they could get up to…

  • A Haunted House – with home automation and Savant technology, the lighting, shades, security system, audio and more can all be controlled by a mischievous family member with tricks up their sleeve! It’s not a ghost! Just dad playing the ultimate April Fools’ joke. Be on the lookout for similar symptoms when Halloween comes knocking!


  • Soundtrack to Our Lives – Imagine walking from room to room only to have that one earworm you can’t stand follow you everywhere you go. Whole home audio allows your family to play music consistently throughout the house, one song or multiple at the same time. You know you’ll end up dancing it out as a family in the end. Have fun!


  • Afternoon Dance Party – Did you know our whole home audio solution also translates to businesses as well? One of our most popular Corporate AV services includes audio speakers placed throughout the office to make announcements. But wait – did the boss just hijack your system for an afternoon dance party?


Here at AV Solutions, we’re proud of the value and functionality our services provide every client. We also like to remember the fun part about installing high-end technology in your home, including the occasional stunt that puts a smile on everyone’s face. We hope your April Fools’ Day is full of happy moments this year.

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