Prepare for Fall with Home Automation

It’s National Temperature Control Day as well as the beginning of fall! Did you know that you can control your thermostat from your smartphone, even if you aren’t home? Home Automation gives you the ability to have complete control over your thermostat right at your fingertips. At AV Solutions, our experts are here to help you get started!

Here are some main features of Home Automation to prepare you for fall:

Thermostat Control:
Use your smartphone from anywhere with Internet access to adjust your thermostat. When you are not home, you can set the thermostat at a higher temperature during the cooling season.

Shading Control:
You can set your blinds to open or close to keep the temperature in your home comfortable. Automated shades can open window coverings to let the sunlight in and help heat your home, closing them when the sun leaves. This feature allows significant savings on your utility bills.

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